La peau café, les yeux d'ébène, des jambes de paradis, un sourire pour mettre fin à tout sourire.

muneca-africana always keeps me updated w. The drags.

"If it comes from nothing, it means nothing"
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there are so many factors that play into a relationship, but yall out here falling in love at first sight smh.


"Why you should (really, seriously, permanently) stop using your smartphone at dinner - The Washington Post"

The ability to stay in the present, with no fear of missing out (FOMO), is becoming a massive challenge for smartphone users.


im abt aesthetics

but im abt being abt dat shit

not just looking like sum shit

Body dat shit not mannequin dat shit


What’s for dinner? (larger)


by Kim  Roselier


when something terrible happens people wake up

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liez arent just words theyre beliefs & actions dat u obliviously poison self w

Can it be 2 o’clock Friday already

u live in nyc??? that is so tumblr
by baeboy


i made my family move here for the aesthetic



Take a chance be thankful because you just may realize that you already have more than you could ever imagine within…just waiting to be released!! I’m thankful for the moments I stopped to gain perspective (a perspective that serves me) because it opened my eyes to see/discover what was waiting.

What could be waiting on the other side of your thank you?

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Um… back to school commercials have been airing for a week. Like can we stay in the Gd present ever? Expect your holiday commercials in October.